If you are feeling called to deepening your connection and knowledge of self, allow me to step in.

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Why Private Yoga?

As a self proclaimed awareness junkie, my goal as your yoga teacher is to facilitate and lead you on a journey back home to yourself. Coming from an athletic background, a long-standing passion of mine has been to teach people how to authentically connect to the experience of being fully in their bodies.

Yoga Instructor Niagara Region
  • SPECIFICITY. Each private movement session is tailored around your history, preferences and vulnerabilities and specifically curated to meet your current days needs.
  • FLEXIBILITY. The predicament of rearranging your life to fit yoga in, is no longer! prioritize your movement practice and keep your well-adjusted schedule while we work together to create a custom-fitting timeslot for your private sessions.
  • INTIMACY. Through dialogue, inquiry and direct experience feedback, we will connect and practice without a distracting and sometimes unnerving group setting.
  • PRESENCE. You and your practice are the proprietor of my efforts and awareness for the length of the private session. this undivided attention provides extensive support to you in connecting to your needs and goals.

Inner Healing with Marlies

Explore energetic harmonization with Reiki

Are you interested in delving deeper into your unique healing journey? Allow me to support the divine being you already exist as and support self-healing through the channeling of Reiki spiritually guided life-force energy.

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What is Reiki?

Reiki is an ancient Japanese energy healing technique that works holistically to target the mind, body and spirit. The objective of Reiki is to reduce stress and pain while clearing emotional blockages and promoting healing from within.

Why Reiki?

Reiki is hands on healing that supports malaise of ALL kinds

  • To deliver relaxation and ground your energy,
  • To foster a deeper connection to your subtle body
  • To emanate greater peace in your mind and body
  • To ameliorate anxiety and improve general well-being
  • To restore homeostasis of your physical body, emotional body and energetic body
  • To support you coming back home to yourself.
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Why Reiki with Marlies?

  • My work lies in channeling the spiritually guided life-force energy to hold sacred space for you and to restore harmony to your holistic well-being
  • My job is to be a conduit for the Reiki life-force to harmonize and reconcile the dissonance in your main chakra system
  • My goal as your channel for healing, is to help you foster a connection to your energetic body in order to support the continuum of your unique healing journey
  • Often described as a "force of love", a treatment with Marlies allows you to experience a profound and unique connection to your heart, leaving you to float on a blissful cloud of relaxation.

Distance Reiki Healing

Receive healing from anywhere in the world, from the comfort of your home.

Energy transcends beyond linear time and space constraints, making Distance Reiki just as effective as "Hands On Healing"

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