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Marlies KC Yoga

Yoga Instructor based in Niagara Region, Ontario

Serving clients across Niagara Falls, St. Catharines, Niagara-on-the-Lake, Welland, Port Colborne, Wainfleet, Lincoln, Grimsby, Fort Erie, Thorold, Niagara Region, and the surrounding areas.

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Meditation & Mindfulness Teacher in Niagara Region, Ontario

Expect to connect, to feel, to sweat. Expect to come home to yourself.

If there’s anything to know about me, it’s that I love people and I love love. Teaching yoga in partnership with studios across the Niagara Peninsula is a way for me to be of service and facilitate deep connection for individuals and communities of all kinds.

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    Choose yourself and retreat from your reality to dive into your healing journey, supported. Getaway to pause, fold inwards and engage in a profound journey of growth.

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    Discover Yoga, Meditation, Breathwork, Energy Healing. Connect with me through several uniquely mindful communities, extending across the Niagara Peninsula.

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Public Yoga Classes Niagara Region

What my clients say

  • "Marlies is amazing. I can do the whole practice with my eyes closed and so safely sink into my body. I leave Marlies class feeling total bliss, and her voice just puts me in this most loving trans. She is truly a special, gifted instructor and I highly recommend you take her class."

    - Brenna F.
  • Marlies is a true gift to the yoga community, and she teaches every class with an innate ability to guide people in connecting, inquiring and expressing through movement. No matter how I feel entering Marlies class, I leave feeling both liberated and grounded. She is an incredible thoughtful teacher, which is unmistakable through how she creates space for each student to move in ways that feel authentic to them. Sequencing and cues are so thoughtfully and thoroughly expressed, and I never feel confused or pressured in Marlies hands. For as long as Marlies teaches, I’ll be taking her classes!

    - Natasha P.
  • Marlies is a very compassionate instructor that is always aware of, and adopting to, everyone in the room. Her classes are welcoming and inspiring as she connects with the yogis on a personal and spiritual level. Marlies guidance and detailed instruction ensure proper posture and success in your poses.

    - Lynn S.
  • Even when I would rather stay home, I get my body to the studio to be in Marlies energy. She has such a sense of magnetism that makes me want to be in her space.

    The two hours a week that I spend with Marlies in the yoga room, are my favourite hours of the week.

    - Angela
  • My body has improved so significantly attending Marlies yoga classes that I now never miss a practice. How she guides the class always ends up being the perfect fit for my needs. I feel amazing in my body.

    Practicing yoga with Marlies is like a hug to your soul and muscles.

    - Amanda
  • Despite feeling apprehensive toward a substitute teacher filling in for my regular class, I was absolutely delighted by Marlies. She is a great teacher and provided an amazing yoga experience.

    - Terry
  • I’ve never done yoga before and my body has never felt freer. Marlies is great at teaching and it is clear that she has both passion and talent for teaching yoga.

    - Trent
  • It is always a wholesome experience with Marlies. Every class is so distinctly innovative and creative.

    - Michael
  • Marlies is my favourite yoga teacher. I follow her everywhere she goes.

    - Roxy
  • Marlies provided one of the most beautiful classes I have ever attended. Her language and style of guidance is so eloquent and intentional. I have practiced with many teachers and her class is notably special.

    - Emma
  • I feel the most at home in my body when I am in Marlies yoga classes. Her way of teaching me anchors me so well into my body that I feel safe to rest whenever I need and to move specifically for myself.

    - Brigitte
  • Marlies classes are the perfect combination of thoughtful movement, reflection and sweat. I feel a sense of calm and rejuvenation after I am done. Marlies has a unique, yet effective way of cueing and her sequencing is creative. She has an amazing gift that I am grateful she has chosen to share with the yoga community:)

    - Fran O.
  • When I think of magic I think of Marlies. Magic is subtle and you are drawn to it, magic sparkles and magic makes you smile :) Marlies is truly gifted. Her kindness and skill shine through in every yoga class and Reiki session I have been to.

    - Jennie D.
  • Marlies is undeniably powerful in her element. My Reiki sessions have left me grounded, emotionally charged, with an open heart and chest. My journey was incredible and you will leave wanting more.  Yoga Instructor Niagara Region

    - Michele
  • Marlies has many years of experience tuning into her body through yoga & reiki. Any time I attend Marlies classes, while challenging, they are accessible to everyone. Marlies always takes the time to flow students through a mindful asana- and she always encourages you to listen to what your body needs. She shows up as her authentic self and encourages you to do the same every time you step in your mat. I follow her across the Region to the many yoga studios she teaches at, and it is always a heartfelt experience!

    - Erika
  • I wasn’t too sure about Reiki but after doing a Reiki and Restore class I knew that I wanted to try a Reiki session on my own. Marlies has this amazing energy around her always and I couldn’t imagine doing a session with anyone else. It was wonderful and I felt so in-tune with myself and light after the sessions. She helped release blockages and the experience of the physical touch during Reiki in itself was therapeutic! Would highly recommend to anyone!

    - Danielle D.
  • Two words sums up my experience which are Life changing!

    But if I can say a few more words, it would be this! I took 2 of Marlies White Oaks classes, which is where I found Marlies. Her style of yoga and her unique and personal way of using the English language truly opened my eyes to a new understanding and benefit to my yoga practice!

    She is honestly one of the most unique people I’ve ever met, so loving and caring for others whether you met her once or you known her a lifetime! after that experience in a class setting, I then enrolled in private sessions, and currently completed four or five of them. While considering the price of her private session, I was optimistic on what I’d be getting for that, but quickly into my first session, I began to realize how much benefit and worth I was getting out of my money. Marlie gives all of herself to her practice, her students and her profession! She gives it a 110% and I or the student receives all the benefits. My mind, body and soul is so much better with because of these sweet Jem that was some or something dropped into my Life. I call it my Marlies Meds! And I truly hope I never stop taking them!

    - James W.
  • In a very low point of my life I have found that your energy, compassion and sincere interest in why I feel the way I do, has been very grounding. My experience during Reiki was of great appreciation as you provided me some very needed grounding and release of emotion. I look forward to my next session with you.

    - Matthew F.
Public Yoga Classes Niagara Region

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My approach to teaching is inclusive, heart-centered and grounded in the cultivation of mindfulness regardless of the pace and style of yoga being offered.

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